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Pearl® Nano Ceramic Quartz Coating system is a complete professional range of technically advanced Nano-engineered, transparent protective coatings which are formulated to chemically bond at nanoscopic level to a full range of surfaces including; paintwork, glass, headlamps, alloy wheels, chrome, aluminium, plastics, fibreglass and gel coats.

Pearl® Nano Ceramic Quartz Coatings contain unique UV screens which proactively lock out harmful atmospheric degradation and sun bleaching giving treated surfaces the ultimate in long life protection, even in the harshest extremes of the hot desert and inclement polar climate conditions.

Pearl® Nano Ceramic Quartz Coatings deliver the latest in Super Hydrophobic technology (Lotus-Leaf Effect) ensuring water, dirt and other surface contaminants are repelled, leaving treated surfaces cleaner for longer without the need to ever wax again throughout ownership.

The perfect protective solution for automotive applications which are eminently suitable for use in the marine, aviation and rail sectors where extended durability of surfaces is key, delivering improved performance and efficiency.

Major airlines and yacht builders around the globe are now using Nano-coatings to increase performance, fuel efficiency and reduce ongoing maintenance costs.

Pearl® Nano Ceramic Quartz Coatings are successfully proven to protect surfaces from weathering and significantly extend their lifetime, maintain appearance, reduce maintenance, cleaning time and the enhanced appearance of the treatment retains residual value to deliver maximum resale value.


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Pearl Nano Cerami Coat
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